I’m Passionate About Life.

Today’s bloganuary prompt is ‘What is a cause you are passionate about and why?’

Should I write about noble causes? Cancer research, deafness, dementia? Conservation and the environment? I’m in an age group that’s touched by all these things … and sometimes by a sledgehammer rather than a feather!

But I’m passionate about something much broader and yet includes all these things and more. I’m passionate about the Solos Network I belong to. It’s a group for Solo travellers – people who travel alone, within Australia, in any type of RV.

Campfire camaraderie

It might seem like a strange thing to be passionate about but I have seen the positive impact it has had on people’s lives. People who for one reason or another find themselves without a partner to fulfil the plans and dreams they may have made together.

The Solos Network embraces all solo travellers and provides support, encouragement, advice and friendship to those who have opted for a life on the road, whether full time or part time.

Solos Rally in Tasmania

More than one person has claimed the Solos saved their life. It gives a reason to live, regular meet-ups give us something to look forward to, it becomes our second family. Trips are planned together for those wanting security and companionship and yet it’s understood when we need our own space.

Love my ‘me’ time

We hug each other hello and goodbye and for any other reason in between- for some it may be their only chance for physical contact with another person.

Some of our members have lived in their RV’s for more than ten years, some close to twenty. Our members are aged between 55 and 95 years old. We say our lifestyle keeps us young and if you could see our 80 year old plus members with an ‘anything goes’ attitude you would have to agree.

Dress up fun at a rally 😀

So perhaps it’s not a ‘noble’ cause that I’m passionate about🤔

I’m passionate about life!

I’m passionate about the Solos Network as it has given so many not only a second chance at life but a chance to really live that life.

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