Life’s Learning Experience

I feel it is a bit presumptuous of me to suggest a life lesson that would benefit everyone. What I see as important may not apply to anyone else … but, here goes!

Don’t give yourself a hard time! Speak kindly to yourself! Compliment yourself on things done well – it might be the only compliment you get!

Suck it up when things go wrong – but learn from it rather than give up or give in.

A lifetime ago I attended a seminar by Tom Hopkins who was a very popular real estate trainer from the US. I had never experienced anything like it before and it had a huge impact on me at the time. The one phrase that has stuck with me all my life since is “I never see failure as failure but as a learning experience.”

I’m sure I beat myself up as much as anyone else but not to the extent that I’m so far down a hole I can’t get out because I tell myself “Hey, that was a learning experience.”

… Sometimes I’m a slow learner 😊

So be kind to you. Don’t allow self-talk that belittles you. Be your own best friend. And never see failure as failure but as a learning opportunity.

2 thoughts on “Life’s Learning Experience

  1. With our life experience, we are in a position of suggesting life lessons that would benefit people. True, not everyone, since we are different, but I’m sure that there will be those who would benefit it. What you have brought here is very important, thank you!

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