Mother of Ducks Lagoon

With a name like Mother of Ducks Lagoon we simply had to plan a stopover here!

We left Casino this morning, stopped in Tenterfield for lunch and discovered Kit, a fellow Solo, was just ahead of us so now the three of us are camped together.

280kms is not an onerous driving day but I was tired after the last couple of days of transferring all my ‘stuff’ from Brutus to BF ( The Buttery Fly, my new Best Friend) – and the red wine I drank last night didn’t help 🍷

It’s a lot of fun and somewhat of a challenge learning a new vehicle but today’s drive over the Great Dividing Range was a breeze. The automatic Mercedes climbed each hill without a problem and I spared a thought for Brutus who would have really struggled up some of those long slow climbs while I kept madly changing gears trying not to lose revs!

If you’re wondering where Brutus is he’s hibernating with all power switched off in a garage at Casino. I think he probably gave BF his blessing to carry me around Australia and save his weary old body that job! And he’ll be waiting for me when I return in a few month’s time 🚐

Day 1. Biggest challenge today? Pairing my phone with the in car system without my music automatically playing every time I connect. Still haven’t figured it out! Any hints?

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