Ponto Falls Campground

We arrived at Ponto Falls yesterday … and I never want to leave!

Camped on the river bank 😊

The Macquarie River is flowing swiftly past challenging the ducks that are paddling like crazy to stay in one spot. As with life, sometimes we’re better off when we stop fighting against it and just go with the flow. 😊

I’m camped with two other Solos and we’re all heading to our rally in Cohuna, Victoria.

Late afternoon the cockatoos come screeching in for a drink and to roost for the night in the tall gums along the river bank. A myriad of little white butterflies skitter through the grass at all times of the day and the river burbles by. Sound idyllic? It is!

Kit’s been for a swim and says the water is fine but I’m a cold water wimp and don’t have the urge to take a dip… yet!

My challenge today was putting out the awning for some shade in this 33 degree (C) day. Done without a hitch so I’m feeling very pleased with myself.

Now to relax and enjoy my surroundings. Might have to stay another day or two 😀

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