Flower Powered Nomads

I’ve recently attended a rally for Solo RV Travellers held in Cohuna, Victoria. 210 RV’s of all shapes and sizes gathered on the recreation grounds for a week of friendship and fun. The theme was Flower Power

and we all got in the groove as we returned to the Seventies – which seemed like not that long ago as we relived our happy hippie youth 🤪

An overview of our rally site
Best decorated motorhome. 🌸

Our dinner night was cleverly decorated to the theme too.

Despite flooded campsites at the start of the rally the week was a great success. The whole event is planned and run by volunteers – around 80 of them – who met all attendees at the entry, parked them up, and conducted everything from meditation and morning walks to rock ‘n roll classes and card games. We left Cohuna having spent around $80,000 in this little town that welcomed us so warmly.

It was a busy week for me as I am Vice- President of our Solos Network but I managed to enjoy a couple of the tours that were organised for us and I look forward to sharing these with you in another post.

4 thoughts on “Flower Powered Nomads

    1. It will be a much slower trip than I’d planned that’s for sure! I’ve worked out that it’s going to cost at least $100 every 400km. I can see I’ll be camped up somewhere waiting for the next pension. Just as well I’m not in a hurry to get anywhere 🚐🙃


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