Way Out at Wakool

Wakool – pronounced War – Cool – is 70 kms from my destination at Cohuna. It’s north of the Murray River (NSW side) and the reviews of the campground both promised – and delivered – a quiet riverfront campsite with no one around.

Camping by the Wakool River

A perfect place to relax before the hectic time ahead at our Solos Rally.

Love this gum tree in front of our camp.

The weather has been hot, around mid 30 degrees Centigrade, and the sun goes down after 8pm. It’s really far to hot for a campfire but someone left some firewood behind and … you’ve gotta love the atmosphere a fire creates so ….

Campfire by the Wakool River

As the sun dipped it changed the river reflections from the opposite bank, angling them in to the river …

River reflections

We only had one night here and I would have been happy with at least a week! I love these secluded riverside campgrounds … no one around, no sounds except those of the river, chattering wrens and squawking cockatoos.

In the words from that wonderful Australian movie, The Castle, “Ah! The serenity”

2 thoughts on “Way Out at Wakool

  1. Haven’t been to Wakool for about 40 odd years. I recall attending a meeting there, and Felicity, as a tiny 2 year old, barrelled down the aisle of the hall, and threw herself at her father who was on the head table of what was a political electorate meeting, and the place dissolved in delight. The next generation, they said. There are somethings that stick in your mind.

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