Police Paddocks

This quiet campground on the Murray River is a favourite of mine. Despite its name police are nowhere to be seen, although that wasn’t always the case.

Police Paddocks is actually an island in the Murray River and in the late 1800’s it was used to spell the police horses.

Remnants of the bridge to the island.

Today it’s a popular campground for self contained travellers ie have a toilet on board and collect your grey water – and it’s only a couple of kms from Rutherglen’s famous wineries!

I found a great spot right on the river’s edge, the same place Dave and I stopped at a few days ago. I really must learn to position myself better as I had the full sun all day and spent my time in the shade on the wrong side of the van to enjoy the view!

That’s not worth complaining about though when you have a peaceful spot to relax and enjoy your surroundings. Life’s good!

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