The Big Tree – Moulamein

Before leaving my camp at Moulamein I thought I should look for The Big Tree that gave the rest stop its name. To my mind most of the river gums were big, some of the biggest I’ve seen, but the Big Tree was a giant!

The Big Tree, Moulamein

I followed the signs that took me under the bridge for a couple of hundred metres and there it was – unmissable! It was perched right on the river’s edge and I couldn’t help but think that one day this magnificent specimen will topple in but I guess if it’s been around this long it has defied the might of many floods in the past so might hang on for many more years to come.

On the way to the Big Tree there was also a spot to view the old wharf on the opposite bank.

As I settled in last night so did the corellas! Hundreds of them came for their very own happy hour before flying off again. A cacophony of corellas? What do you think?

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