On the Road Again …

This morning I said goodbye to Talgarno and my friends Lee and Greg … and of course Charlie the happy smiling Labrador… and started my journey to Port Augusta to meet up with my Solo friends.

Talgarno to Port Augusta

It’s a trip of about 1200 kms and that little red line in the map above represents the 340 kms I did today. I’m in Moulamein, NSW to collect some mail at the Post Office tomorrow and then continue west.

Camping on the Edwards River, Moulamein

I loved my housesit stay in Talgarno but I’m also now looking forward to the next chapter of my journey. Stay tuned! 🚐🚐

PS Remember the chickens I told you about, Cackling Rosie and Sweet Caroline? Well, I threatened them with becoming a stir-fry if they didn’t start laying and one of them produced an egg yesterday! See, they just needed a little encouragement 😂😂

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