Monalena Lagoon

Monalena Lagoon sounds quite tropical, don’t you think? Wrong! It’s a roadside rest area in the middle of nowhere on the Stuart Highway about 120kms north of Port Augusta, South Australia

Rather than tropical surrounds we are in red dirt country – and there’s not a lagoon to be seen!

We were aiming for Pimba, about another 60 kms away but Dave shredded a tyre on the way and that took the fun out of today’s travel. By the time I’d caught up with Dave on the side of the road fellow Solos Ed, Joy and Ted were lending a hand to get him on the move again. The positive out of that is the five of us have had a beautiful evening around the campfire watching the sunset and the moon rise.

We all took heaps of photos as the moon appeared on the horizon but this next one that Dave took was voted by us as the best 🏆

Photo by Dave Applegate

Here’s a couple more photos of the countryside here, the first being my moon photo contribution 🌕

Moon rising at Monalena Lagoon

So despite Dave’s minor disaster I couldn’t have wished for better company to share the day – and evening – with.

And we’ve started our trek ‘up the middle’ of Australia. Woohoo!

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