Stark, Spectacular Salt Lake

Lake Hart is a magnificent salt lake off the Stuart Highway heading north towards Coober Pedy from Pimba in South Australia.

Lake Hart

Until 1931 Lake Hart was mined for its salt which was the best quality and purest salt being mined in Australia. This article about Lake Hart salt written in 1947 gives you some idea of its history.

Chunk of salt from the stockpile that was never collected when the operation closed.

The Ghan train line runs between the free camping area and the lake, which looks deceptively like water until you get near it. As the train doesn’t run that frequently I ‘posed’ for a fun photo … gave us a few laughs … they were louder when I had to get myself back upright 🤣🤣🤣

There are still remnants of the salt mining operation on the lake which adds to its stark beauty.

Lake Hart is a must stop and see place on the Stuart Highway. I’m glad I got to share it, and our Happy Hour at the end of the day, with my travelling friends.

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