Into Unknown Territory

Seven years ago I travelled in this direction but went west from Katherine. This time I’m enjoying new places as I travel north towards Darwin, a place I haven’t been before.

The map below shows where I am in the scheme of things. In fact I have travelled about 6,500 kilometres since starting my journey in my BF (best friend) in Casino, New South Wales in February this year.

The weather is unseasonably warm here with daytime temps around 36° C and overnight in the low 20° so our first stop north of Katherine was at Edith Falls, a beautiful natural lagoon surrounded by tall cliffs. Edith Falls is in the Nitmiluk (nit -me – look) National Park in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Edith Falls
Cooling off.
Cooling off in the shade 😊

At Mataranka and Katherine, our last couple of stops, there were thermal pools fed by underground springs feeding hot 30°C plus water into the natural streams. A lovely experience, but definitely not refreshing!

Bitter Springs Thermal Pool
I floated downstream about 300 metres and then walked back to the top to do it all over again 😂😂

I’m currently at Pussycat Flats, which is the racecourse for nearby Pine Creek and probably only used once or twice a year, if at all! In the meantime it is open for camping and although very hot and dry here they open the bar each evening and there is a great undercover area to relax in.

The track
The Starting Gates
Bar decorations – a load of old bull!

My travelling friends left today to explore Kakadu National Park while I needed to plug into power and charge up BF’s batteries, which for some unknown reason dropped to an unhealthy level over the last couple of days. I’m recharging MY batteries too, sitting inside with the aircon blasting. Tomorrow I’m on my way further north – next stop Humpty Doo.

Pussycat Flats … Humpty Doo … I’m loving the names … I mean, you’d want to stay there wouldn’t you just so you could say you had???🤣🤣🤣

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