Berry Springs & Bee-Eaters

Berry Springs is a natural thermal pool only about 10 kilometres from my camp here at the Darwin River Tavern. I think it’s become my favourite 😍

Berry Springs

The sheer size of the three pools means that it never felt as crowded as, say, Edith Falls or Bitter Springs that I have also visited on my Northern Territory adventure.

And look at that lush vegetation! It truly does look like a tropical oasis.

Berry Springs

There are 3 main pool areas all of a similar size. We jumped into the middle one and fought a fairly strong current to make our way to the centre where we floated on our pool noodles until we started to go wrinkly 😊

No, that is not MY broad backside!

Before we left the pools though we let the current take us through a narrow channel to the bottom pool – it was just as beautiful!

It was here that Rainbow Bee-eaters, spectacularly colourful birds, dive bombed the water around us catching little insects. My friend John Foster is an amazing bird photographer so here are some of his shots of these pretty birds.

Rainbow Bee-Eater
There’s something to eat down there!
Spectacular golden wings! (Juergen Freund)

Tomorrow I’m leaving Darwin River and heading south to Katherine to begin my journey west. I could have spent weeks here, not just days, as there is such a good vibe. The helicopter pub crawl outdid itself today – a fitting farewell, although very noisy – for my visit to the ‘Top End’

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