Pigs & Pub Crawls

The Northern Territory prides itself on being different and my current campground is certainly contributing to its reputation.

I’m camped behind the Darwin River Tavern and this morning walking back to my RV I was accompanied by a pig!

There were three of them actually and they are obviously used to finding treats at campsites because they investigated each one. Memo to self – don’t leave food lying around 🙄

On the subject of food, where else but the top end could you do a helicopter pub crawl? Each day here at the tavern up to 4 helicopters at a time land and disgorge their passengers who head into the pub for a meal and/or a few drinks before boarding the chopper for the next stop. A full day tour sets you back about $1000 – drinks and food not included in the price!😱

I guess they won’t get booked for drink driving! Hope the pilot stays off the grog!

Like the locals say … “We do it different in the Territory”

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