Cruising Geike Gorge

The Kimberleys is one of the most stunning areas of Australia with mighty rivers, rugged rocky mountains and picturesque gorges. Our recent boat cruise allowed us to explore Geike Gorge, with expert commentary by our park ranger and captain.

Cruising Geike Gorge

The white areas on the cliff face show the regular flood levels that occur during the wet season when the Fitzroy River rises up to 16 metres and washes the cliffs clean.

Somehow these trees that anchor themselves to the limestone survive the rushing torrents of flood waters and being submerged for weeks to emerge anew when the river recedes.

Geike Gorge was formed from a Devonian Reef that existed some 300 million years ago and when it receded it left these spectacular limestone cliffs and caves.

This rocky ledge provides a perfect spot for the fresh water crocodiles 🐊 to warm up in the morning sun.

Little birds called Fairy Martins were swooping over the water and cliff faces gathering materials for their nests. Locals say that the level at which they build their nests indicates how high the flood waters will rise during the next wet season. They’re building them VERY high this year!

These marks in the information shelter show some of the recent levels. It’s hard to imagine this building being 2 metres under water!

Flood levels marked each year
Floods 2 metres over the top of this steep roof.

The information provided here is interesting and helps put our experience on the boat trip into perspective … and I love some of the interpretations by the local indigenous groups.

Here’s a lovely play on words I saw when googling this area – Geike Gorge-ous! A perfect description!

PS: I am now camped about 250kms from Geike Gorge and there are road side flood warnings for the Fitzroy River flood plain! The enormity of it all!

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