Wandering around Wyndham

There’s something about Wyndham that I like and I can’t put my finger on it. Perhaps it’s because of the friendly vibe at the caravan park? I find it an interesting place even though it is typical of most small isolated towns, with boarded up shopfronts and lack of people in the main street.

Huge crocodile sculpture welcomes you to Wyndham

Here’s a bit of trivia for you!

It’s the most northern town in Western Australia and has an average maximum temperature of 36°c.

Map of Wyndham
One of the hottest towns in Australia!

Here’s 3 things I’ve enjoyed in Wyndham in this cooler dry season 😊

1. The Five Rivers Lookout. The steep winding road to the lookout is an experience on its own with its hairpin bends on the climb to the top but oh, the view when you get there! It’s where the Pentecost, King, Ord, Durack and Forrest Rivers flow into Cambridge Gulf. The tides vary by around 10 metres here so there are extensive mud flats, the home for mud crabs, mosquitoes and … crocodiles

Looking out over the mud flats
From mud flats to mountain ridges

2. The Croc Bakery. There’s nothing like discovering a good bakery in a country town and this one is excellent. My waistline is grateful we have moved on from Wyndham after enjoying their crocodile and barramundi pies every day, not to mention their apple turnovers, vanilla slices and custard donuts!

The Croc Bakery, Wyndham
Solo travellers at the bakery
Mick says “An apple turnover a day keeps the doctor away”! 😂

3. The Wyndham Museum is manned by volunteers, as many are in these small towns. I found it fascinating! It houses a collection of memories rather than memorabilia with story boards of significant events in the area and books of recorded first hand accounts of living in Wyndham throughout the years. It gives you the opportunity to relate to the people history of the area instead of the usual artefacts.

Rock Art Timeline
Description relates to the picture below.
Meat safe cot

I found the information in this tract fascinating!

Proposed Jewish Homeland Settlement

There’s lots to like about Wyndham! I’d be happy to come again and hope it’s not 7 years between visits, as it was this time.

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