Horizontal Falls – Believe It Or Not

Is there any such thing as a horizontal waterfall? Described by Sir David Attenborough as “Australia’s most unusual natural wonder” I can confirm the Horizontal Falls exist and are a definite wonder after seeing them with my own eyes!

Horizontal Falls

Our Ultimate Horizontal Falls Adventure began with our flight from Derby and continued as we landed on the water and disembarked onto a pontoon in Talbot Bay, far north Western Australia, to view this amazing natural phenomenon found nowhere else in the world.

The huge pontoon we landed beside

No sooner had we arrived at the pontoon Dave and I were ushered to a helicopter for the first flight within our group. There were only 3 passengers per flight so we were also lucky to share this experience together as many others travelling together were split up to make up the 3rd passenger.

Our helicopter – no doors 😱
Ready for takeoff!
Pristine waters
Turbulent water as the outgoing tide forces it through the 20 metre gap between the cliffs
The calm ‘middle’ sea flowing out through the falls.
Slug Island is aptly named looking very much like that garden pest 😊
The tide forces water from the ‘inland’ sea to the ‘ middle’ sea then to the ‘outer’ sea of Talbot Bay.
First sight of our exclusive houseboat accommodation

We were soon back on the pontoon with the other 10 guests and waiting to be ferried to our houseboat to settle into our accommodation for the next 24 hours.

It’s about 11.30am, our trip is about 1 1/2 hours old and already we have had a plane trip in a 14 seater seaplane, a 20 minute helicopter flight and we are now about to go aboard a fast boat called Full Throttle, powered by 900 horsepower, which will take us to the houseboat – very quickly!

All aboard Full Throttle.

What a way to start the day! It really is at Full Throttle!

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