24 Hours at Full Throttle

It’s almost lunchtime when we climb out of Full Throttle and are welcomed aboard Jetwave Pearl, our luxury houseboat accommodation.

Jetwave Pearl
Now that’s a picture window!

We had just enough time to stow our bags when we were invited to the dining room. Rafael, our chef, had prepared a beautiful spiced barramundi dish followed by a delicious dessert.

Dining room onboard Jetwave Pearl.

No sooner was lunch over and we were boarding a fishing boat to try our hand at catching a big barra. No such luck! Nancy, one of our group did catch a 72 cm golden trevalley though,which was expertly landed and put on ice for our chef to do his magic.

A frustrated fisherman! Fish avoid his hook every time!
A paradise, whether there’s fish or not!

From fishing to fish feeding. We were soon back on board Full Throttle and ferried back to the main pontoon where some of the local sharks come in for a treat. Feeding is limited so they don’t become reliant on tourists to eat and is quite strictly monitored for the well-being of the sharks.

Then it was back in Full Throttle for some up close and personal jet boat experience at the Horizontal Falls. The power of the water as it surges through the gap between two cliffs is phenomenal. All credit to our skipper Hayley for maintaining control and giving us the experience of a lifetime! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Hold on tight! It’s going to get rough!
Water surges through the gap
We are right at the entry
Turbulent eddies form powerful vortexes
Fighting the force of the Horizontal Falls

By this time we are suffering activity overload … but there’s more!

Sunset cruise.

Hors D’Oevres are served on a sunset cruise as we try to capture the moon rising as the sun is setting. I didn’t get a photo of the moon but it was huge and yellow 🌝 as it crept over the cliff top.

Once back on board Jetwave Pearl we had time to shower and dress for dinner before Rafael served us a tender medallion of beef with asparagus and a decadent chocolate brownie dessert.

So far today we have

  • Flown in a seaplane
  • Landed beside a pontoon in remote Talbot Bay
  • Had a helicopter flight over the Horizontal Falls and surrounding area
  • Jumped into a jet boat to go to our floating hotel
  • Been fishing
  • Fed sharks
  • Had a jet boat ride to the Horizontal Falls
  • Watched the sun go down and the moon rise from a boat in Talbot Bay
  • Had two magnificent main meals prepared for us by Rafael, our personal chef

Our room is ready and waiting- and I am ready for bed!

There was no chance of me making it for the cruise to watch the sun rise at 6am the next morning so I snuggled down for an extra hour before it was time to get ready for the last activity before flying back to Derby.

After breakfast we were back on board Full Throttle for a last look at the falls. It’s low tide and just look at the difference!

Our adventure is drawing to a close but we can’t go without a photo of the group we have just shared a jam packed 24 hours with and our hostess & skipper, Hayley, her offsider Tom, chef Rafael and on board crew Ellie and Kayla.

One last sight of the Horizontal Falls as our seaplane ferries us home.

Was it really only 24 hours?

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