Cruising the Broome Coastline

It’s not hard to find some adventurous companions when you belong to our club of Solo travellers and when a full day cruise was offered about 30 of us jumped at the chance for this experience.

This is where Broome is situated in the ‘big picture’ – and here’s a closer view of where our cruise took us today. It might be only 50 minutes by road but our voyage was much longer as we fought a strong tide going to James Price Point and back.

Our boat was a comfortable 3 level catamaran and with only about 50 passengers there was plenty of room to move around between indoor and outdoor areas – or even share one of the cabanas you could hire for the day.

Cavorting in a Cabana

A bus picked us up at the caravan park at 6.45am and drove on to the beach at Gantheaume Point for us to board the tender and be ferried to the boat. It was an early start to what turned out to be a long day!

Vehicles drive on to the beach at Gantheaume Point
I’m the red ‘Wiggle’ 😂

Delicious food was served on board all day starting with a breakfast of bacon & egg wraps and croissants; scones jam & cream for morning tea; fish, chicken curry or brisket with salad for lunch; cheese platters then hot canapés to finish the day … 😋

Cheese platters

The coastline constantly changed from white sand hills to red cliffs. We sailed a little too far off shore to get decent photos but hope these give you some idea.

Red cliffs and sand dunes
Beach camping

At Barred Creek several passengers were ferried ashore for a swim but I’m a wimp when it comes to cold water and stayed on board.

Barred Creek

We were always on the look out for whales as this is a known nursery where the calves are born and then socialised before heading back to Antarctic waters around September.

Whale watching!

We weren’t disappointed! There were so many sightings of humpbacks! Mothers and babies breaching and blowing, massive twosomes performing synchronised swimming … and then this … an orca joined the dance!

Orca sighting.

Well, we couldn’t leave all the dancing to the whales so on our journey home the music was cranked up and the Solos danced their way home 😂

Pole dancing for seniors 😂

As we rocked along to the music all the way back to shore I knew I would need no rocking that night. It was a long but fabulous day of salt air, sunshine and Solo friends.

Sailing at sunset

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