Cape Keraudren

Seven years ago I camped at Cape Keraudren. I loved it then and I still love it today.

7 years ago

This time I camped at the Cootenbrand Creek camp as when I arrived several other Solo travellers were already set up. They chose this spot as there was a strong wind blowing in from the sea that made the cliff top uncomfortable. The creek front camp was protected from the force of the wind and was very pretty with the creek flowing.

Camping at Cootenbrand Creek
The view through my back window.
Towards the mouth of the creek.
Following the creek out to the sea
Cape Keraudren Beach
Close up of the rocky point

As we drove out along the red gravel road I spotted this snake. I think it’s a black headed python . Magnificent creature!

Black headed python

Cape Keraudren is one of those places that I will always remember. A lovely environment shared with lovely friends. And that’s both times I’ve been there – and seven years apart!

One thought on “Cape Keraudren

  1. Yes I agree I also had such a pleasant time
    I was fascinated by the roaring of the tide coming in and out, was captured watching the incoming tide filling holes in the river and swirling in to ithers


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