Cossack! Shall We Dance?

Cossack in Western Australia is not famous for energetic Russian dancing but does have an energetic history of pearling and port life.

Today it is an historical town that attracts tourists a few kilometres off the highway at Roebourne to see the old buildings and read about its past.

Some of the original old buildings are being restored and they include the Court House, pictured above, and Galbraith store.

Galbraith Store
The old gaol.
Not all buildings can be saved 🙁

Along with history the locals are also looking forward, offering art activities and using the buildings as gallery and workshop spaces.

If you drive on through Cossack you arrive at the headland that looks over the beaches that once housed a thriving port and pearling industry.

Settlers Cove
Ships on the horizon lined up for Dampier

Cossack is definitely worth detouring off the highway with its interesting history and growing art activities.

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