Dampier – Small Town, Big Attractions

Dampier is on the west coast of Australia and for a small town is famous for some big things!

Probably the most recognisable is the statue of Red Dog the stray who captured the hearts of the locals when

he travelled the Pilbara area – and then captured the hearts of Australians when his story was made into a movie.

Rosemary and Red Dog!

As you continue into Dampier itself you arrive at the port which is claimed to be one of the largest bulk shipping ports in the world. The bulk carriers are lined up out at sea waiting for their turn to transport iron ore, salt, and other commodities around the world.

Dampier itself is a lot more attractive, with established homes and gardens and some lovely parks along the foreshore.

Foreshore landscape

The Seafarers Mission is home to a great restaurant called Soak so we had lunch there and ‘soaked’ in the view 😊

View from Soak

The Burrup Peninsula is a short drive from Dampier but it’s worth while detouring to Hearsons Cove on the way for a look at this pretty beach.

It’s a long walk to the water!

The tide was out on our visit and it was a looong walk to the water’s edge – but that’s what makes it a popular place to view the phenomenon known as Staircase to the Moon. I was fortunate to see it here seven years ago with my Solo friend Robyn. It happens when the full moon coincides with a very low tide and the moonlight reflects on the mudflats.

Staircase to the Moon

And now to the Burrup Peninsula! It was introduced to me seven years ago by an indigenous tour guide, Clint, and has been a favourite memory. Why? Most likely because Clint introduced the four people in his tour group to his culture and indigenous history in the area.

The Burrup Peninsula is world famous as the site of hundreds of thousands of petroglyphs, where images are etched into the rock faces rather than painted on.

Seven years ago we scrambled over rocks to view these ancient engravings! Today there is a boardwalk that allows you to view these without risking life and limb 😊

So there you have it! I wonder what explorer William Dampier, who sailed down this coastline in the mid 1600’s, would think of the town he gave his name to? 🤔

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