Roadside Rest Areas

Western Australia has some fabulous roadside rest areas for weary RV travellers. When you consider

the area it covers, Highway 1 in the northwest of the state is well served with regularly spaced stopovers often with basic ‘long drop’ toilets and ‘Dump Points’ for black water disposal. These rest areas are provided by the government and/or local council areas at no charge to travellers and I, for one, am very thankful for them.

Some of these areas have provided our most memorable and enjoyable camps, particularly those where you can pull well off the highway and into the bush or beside a river, light a campfire and enjoy the company of friends old and new.

Here’s a couple of my favourites… (note to self – remember to take more photos at stopovers 😊)

Sunset at Miaree Pool
Sunrise at Miaree Pool
Desert Peas starting to appear
Campground colours.

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