WA – Windy Always

Western Australia is living up to its reputation of Windy Always – and it’s a chilly blast too!

Greenough is home to perhaps the most famous example of a wind blown tree. There’s plenty along the roadside and throughout the paddocks with a mighty lean but none can beat this one!

The Leaning Tree at Greenough

I’m back in familiar territory, having spent quite some time in this area in 2014/15 and looking forward to revisiting some of my favourite camps. I hope they haven’t changed too much since then 🚐😊

2 thoughts on “WA – Windy Always

    1. Certainly hope we’ll catch up! Will eventually head further south towards Perth but after Leeman rally will check out wildflowers and then head north again for a while. Too cold for me at the moment … brrr 🥶


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