Campsites Revisited


It’s been seven years since I last stayed at Cliff Head campground, right beside the Indian Ocean south of Geraldton in Western Australia. I hardly recognised it!

Camped at Cliff Head 7 years ago

The local council has ‘formalised’ it with a picnic shelter, barbecues, toilets and marked out camping areas. They now charge $20 to stay here whereas before it was free! I’ve had my nostalgic visit but it’s lost its appeal for me now 😟

View to the beach at Cliff Head
Lots of weed on the beach!
View from the beach


Ah, that’s more like it! Lake Indoon campground matches my memory – and it was lovely to see so much water in the lake!

Lake Indoon

I’m realistic enough to expect places to change but I’m also hopeful enough that they retain their character. Lake Indoon has managed that nicely, unfortunately not so Cliff Head. 🚐🚐

I have now arrived in Leeman where our Solos Motorhome Rally is to be held over the next 10 days. I’m looking forward to catching up with old friends and making new ones. Leeman is a little fishing village. Hmm, hope fresh fish is on the menu while I’m here 🐟🎣

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