Wildflower Wandering Day 2

Three motorhomes left Drummond Reserve on a meandering route to our next overnight stop at Coorow ( pronounced Coo- roo). I was in the lead so we had a couple of photo stops on our way until we got to the little village of Badgingarra. It was a couple of hundred metres off the road so we turned in to see what was there.

Not a lot!

Veering off a designated route sends my GPS into a spin but it soon recalculates to take us to our chosen destination 😂. This detour was definitely worth it!

Fields of everlastings
Flat topped coneflower
Unsure 🫤.
Spider orchid
Funny little sculptures along the pathway
Pin cushions
Brown pea
Common Dampiera
Camped at Coorow

Today we are off on the hunt for the rare and beautiful wreath flowers.

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