Wildflower Wandering Day 3

Mission accomplished! Wreath flowers discovered!

I picked up a little photocopied map with directions to wreath flowers and it proved to be spot on.

Wreath Flower

In an old gravel pit near Latham (Western Australia) we clambered over slippery stony mounds of earth and there they were! It was towards the end of their flowering but still exciting to discover them.

We then continued our drive into Latham and stopped to prepare lunch in a quirky little park.

Flowers galore
Plants in your pants! !😂

About 20kms down the road was the Caron Dam and we decided to make that our stopover for the night. It was a great choice! Our day was capped off beautifully when we discovered donkey orchids along the pathway to the dam.

Donkey Orchids
Donkey Orchids

We would have been happy to have a couple of nights here but internet reception is fading in and out so we have decided to head towards Perenjori (Pu – ren – Ju – Ree with emphasis on the ‘ren’).

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