Coalseam Conservation Park

Last night we camped at Coalseam Conservation Reserve and didn’t appreciate just how beautiful it was until we drove to the lookout over the Irwin River as we were leaving.

View near our camp site

In the mid 1800’s they started to mine coal here. How lucky are we today that it wasn’t a viable operation and the mine was closed. This beautiful area is now preserved for all to enjoy.

From the lookout
Irwin River
Colourful cliff faces
The river gorge

Once again the roadside was a mass of yellow everlasting daisies that filled the verges and contrasted with the rich green of the wheat fields.

Yellow everlasting daisies
Leaving Coalseam

Our next stop was Mingenew, recommended as the place for a good meat pie. Sorry! I’ve had better! But the bakery had these quirky little light fittings made from pretty cups and saucers …

… and the sign outside above a water bowl gave me a giggle 🤭

Our camp tonight is at the Yandanooka Hall, only about 30kms south and the site of a planisphere. I’m not sure what a planisphere is either, but when I find out I’ll let you know. 🙄

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