Quobba Blowholes

The only thing blowing at Quobba, in Western Australia, for the three nights we were there was the wind! And did it blow!

We. hunkered down in our RV’s, out of the cold wind that rocked our vehicles all night and day and whipped up the sand to sting our legs when we ventured outside.

Quobba Blowholes

All thoughts of snorkeling to view the coral and colourful fish were blown away and after looking forward to enjoying this camp it turned out we couldn’t wait to leave.

I guess the reality of visiting the coastal areas of WA means wind, wind and more wind. We’ve arrived at Monkey Mia at Shark Bay and yep, it’s blowing a gale here too. Hope it hasn’t blown the dolphins away when we go to see them tomorrow morning. 🐬

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