Where the River Flows Upside Down

At Wooramel Riverside Retreat you can camp beside the river – where not a drop of water can be seen! You see, the river flows underground

for most of the year and only flows when there have been good inland rains that push the river to its escape to the sea.

Wooramel River – where’s the water?
When the Wooramel River flows

I first stayed here 7 years ago when it was really just a bush camp. You could camp wherever you liked and the only thing that made this station stay a little out of the ordinary were the hot artesian pools.

How things have changed! Fortunately, although improvements have been made, they haven’t lost the essential character of the place and the laid back friendly vibe it had when I first camped here.

Overlooking the ‘river’.

The hot tubs are still a major draw card- and now there’s four of them – fed by the warm 32° artesian water that naturally bubbles its way to the surface from 240 metres down.

Artesian Hot Tubs

The owners have added a fabulous entertainment area that also serves coffee and delicious curried goat pies 🥧

One night we were there they sold meat from their own station – at a very hefty price, I might add – that you could cook over the huge fire pit

Fire pit

Wooramel Station is a working cattle station covering an area of some 356,000 acres with over 60 kilometres coastal frontage to the Indian Ocean The main highway bisects the property that is focussed on the sustainable farming of cattle and goats.

Magnificent river gums line the banks of the river bed. They are huge, contorted symbols of strength and resilience- and they hold some magic, too.

If you put your ear up against a tree on the river bed you can hear the river gurgling and rushing below – magic!

Our whole experience at Wooramel Station can be summed up in that one word – MAGIC!

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