An Unexpected Experience

My travelling buddy Dave had a bit of a health scare at Monkey Mia – chest pain and tingling in his leg – so we headed into the Medical Centre at Denham for an expert opinion. After many tests and a Telehealth consultation it was decided he should go to Geraldton hospital, 400 kms away, for further tests and monitoring.

One of the most amazing initiatives in Australia’s history was the formation of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS)

Here’s some photos Dave took of his RFDS trip to Geraldton.

Their expert care saw Dave safely transferred to Geraldton Hospital where, thankfully, further tests gave him the all clear health wise. Whew!

Now, I’m still in Denham with my motorhome- and Dave’s – and he’s 400kms away! The RFDS doesn’t provide a return journey so there was nothing for it but to hit the road to get Dave and bring him back to his RV. After an overnight break in Geraldton it was time to do the 400 kms back to Denham!

We did break the journey a couple of times for photos …

Roadside wildflowers
A coastline lookout stop.
Back in Denham!

That night we celebrated a happy healthy outcome with a delicious Lobster Mornay at the Old Pearler restaurant

All smiles! Happy & Healthy 😊

Denham may have been the place for our ‘unexpected experience’ but in every other way it was delightful.

4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Experience

  1. Wow, not the best place to have a health scare Rosemary, but thank goodness
    for the RFDS. They do a lot of work here in regional WA, constantly transferring parients to Geraldon and often on to Perth. Deb oftne has to prepare patiens for RFDS transfer. Glad Dave is OK and you could enjoy some local lobster!


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