Resorting to Monkey Mia

We’ve just had a couple of days at the Monkey Mia Resort in Shark Bay, Western Australia. This luxury is far from what we’re used to as we usually bush camp but we lapped it up while we were there and made the most of the whole experience.

Resort style luxury

The main attraction at Monkey Mia is not monkeys but dolphins. They come in from the wild, as they have done for many years, for a free feed and to interact with the people who line the shore.

Waiting for the dolphins to arrive

Some days the dolphins don’t come at all, sometimes 2 or 3 show up and sometimes a dozen or more will arrive. Today there were three.

Synchronised Swimming 😂

We found the best view was from the jetty as it got pretty crowded along the shoreline.

The camp kitchen was one of the best I’ve seen with every cooking appliance you could ever want and comfortable spaces to meet and eat.

We made the most of the resort and had dinner at the Boughshed Restaurant on our last night. Beautiful food in a beautiful setting.


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