Looking Through Nature’s Window

The night before we drove to Kalbarri we stayed at a free camp on the Murchison River at Galena Bridge

Murchison River, Galena Bridge

And here’s where the Murchison meets the sea, at beautiful Kalbarri!

Kalbarri Foreshore

Arriving in Kalbarri is one of the many ‘wow’ moments I have experienced on my travels … such beautiful blues after the 50km drive through the green, shrubby National Park on leaving the highway. But the best was yet to come!

The Kalbarri National Park is best described by photos, so here goes! 😊

The Murchison River
A rocky climb to Nature’s Window
Nature’s Window
Sharing the Moment 😊

Our adventure continued when we left Nature’s Window and drove to the Skywalk. I wasn’t sure I’d do this but when we got there I realised it was a metal floor, not see-through glass so it was a breeze 🤔

The Skywalk
Can I do it?
Easy Peasy! 😂
Look at me!

Nature’s Window and the Skywalk are about 35 kms out of Kalbarri back towards the highway but definitely worth the short drive. The river gorge is quite spectacular and the climb over the rocky ledges to the window is well rewarded when you get there.

When we leave Kalbarri heading south we get to see another, totally different part of the National Park – the coastal cliffs.

Another day, another drive, another destination to look forward to – and I’m sure we’ll enjoy the journey along the way! 🚐🚐

One thought on “Looking Through Nature’s Window

  1. Great photo in the window Rosemary. Kalbarri is a beautiful place, love the sea Cliffs there. The Skywalk is really well done too.


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