Point Moore Lighthouse

The Point Moore Lighthouse in Geraldton, Western Australia, looks like something out of a story book with its red and white candy cane stripes winding their way to the top!

Point Moore Lighthouse

Apart from having such a striking appearance it also has an interesting history. It was actually fabricated in England and then shipped to Australia in pieces to be bolted together on site. It was the first lighthouse of steel construction in mainland Australia.

The local council in Geraldton recognise the value of tourists to the area and have allocated 6 small spaces for campervans to stay overnight. You can see the parking spaces in the car park in the next photo.

We pulled in there and pushed our luck by staying overnight but not in one of the designated areas. A very kind ranger moved us on this morning at about 7am 😊🚐

When you drive into the city of Geraldton these little replica lighthouses are placed at various intersections in town. So cute ☺️

Originally powered by kerosene it has had several upgrades throughout its life, is still operational today and has been a guiding light in Geraldton since 1878.

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