Out Of This World!

The Pinnacles Desert, with its stark other worldly landscape, is like stepping into another universe.

It’s a vast area in the Nambung National Park about 20 kms from Cervantes in Western Australia and scientists still haven’t agreed on how these ‘pinnacles’ were formed. They do acknowledge however that this landscape is constantly changing as the wind blows the shifting sands to either cover or expose these strange rocks.

We drove the 4km circuit which highlighted the variety of colours, shapes and sizes of the pinnacles. At times the track narrowed between tall structures as we wound our RV’s through. In other places the vista opened up and you could look through to the coast.

The Discovery Centre is a new addition since I was last here eight years ago and it certainly adds to the experience. As well as information about the Pinnacles it also focuses on the wildlife that dwells within, from wood bugs and spiders to Boobook owls and emus.

The Pinnacles look like they belong to another planet – in every way, out of this world!

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