It’s Worth Visiting Westonia!

As we drove in to Westonia I commented to Dave, my travelling buddy, about how pretty the town looked – the trees down the centre of the road, the shopfronts- everything looking spick and span.

There’s a neat looking caravan park but we chose to camp in the yard of this little restored church, an area provided for travellers like us to camp for free.

St Luke’s, Westonia

We were camped there a couple of nights ago when there was a massive thunderstorm that raged through the night and I heard later that there was hail in some areas that destroyed wheat crops. Devastating for the farms involved! And they were so close to harvests, too!

The next morning we wandered into town for a look around.

The local pub surrounded by roses!
I wonder what this was used for?

And then we discovered the museum! Wow! It would be hard to beat this beautiful display of life in a not so distant era. Immaculately presented with such life like models you were expecting them to start a conversation at any time.

The Hood-Penn Museum in Westonia – I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

Sometimes you stumble across an unexpected treasure and the pretty little town of Westonia proved to be just that 😊

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