And So It Begins

Our motorhomes are pointing east as we start the long trek home. On November 15th we left Norseman after filling our water tanks and fuelling up for our drive across the Nullarbor.

Way Point 1 is a visit to Dave’s friends on our way to spend Christmas with my sister, Marion, in Nagambie. Between here and there is the Nullarbor Plain, some long flat driving stretches, some magnificent cliffs on the Southern Ocean coastline, some roadside overnighters- and some very expensive fuel!

Day 1

Our first overnight stop is at a camp called Newmans Rocks. What a find! About 600 metres off the highway it’s quiet, it’s level ground and it has views!

The soak at Newmans Rocks

Fuel is my major expense. Recently it has been around $2.30 a litre; in Norseman today it was $2.50; we have been told it can be as high as $3.10 a litre at roadhouses on the Nullarbor. To put that in perspective it’s costing roughly about $25 to travel 100 kms. This will jump to around $30. The trip shown in the map above will cost somewhere between $600 and $800. I think next year I’m going to be a bit more stationary 😂😂😂🚐

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