Ninety Mile Straight!

Day 2

The Eyre Highway is leading us east but the easterly wind is pushing us west! Fortunately it’s from the north east

so we are not driving straight into a head wind and it’s not too uncomfortable a drive.

Our first stop was Balladonia where we topped up the fuel tank and visited the little museum there that holds remnants of Skylab, one of the first bits of space junk to come back to earth.

When Skylab fell to earth!

The museum has been extended since I was last there and now has a small display of early settlers memorabilia and information about the Afghan cameleers who played a major role in the transport and settlement of many of these outback areas.

The old kitchen dresser
Afghan Cameleers

About 30kms further on we hit a famous stretch of road called the 90 Mile Straight – because that’s exactly what it is … 90 miles or 146.6 kms of dead straight road!

90 Mile Straight
Erin, moi and Dave – intrepid travellers 😊

We pulled into today’s destination, Caiguna Blowhole, about 3.30pm, unloaded the firewood we’d collected along the way, and camped up for the night. The blowhole was right near the highway but we followed a track for about 500 metres to our camp site

Caiguna Blowhole
Erin at the edge!
Don’t fall in Dave 😱

Day 2 stats:

  • Fuel at Balladonia 17.4 litres @ $2.75 a litre = $47.80
  • Today’s mileage- 226 kms
  • Double shot latte at Balladonia Roadhouse $10 … yep, that is not a misprint! I’ll be checking prices before ordering in future! (Would normally pay around $5.50)

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