Towering Artworks

The Yorke Peninsular in South Australia has a fabulous #YP Art Trail that is well signed to lead the traveller to various art installations. I was mainly interested in

water towers that could often be seen on the horizon several kilometres away. Here’s a couple I saw as we concluded our visit to the Yorke Peninsular and started to make our way further east for Christmas.


The Stansbury water tower features a huge blue swimmer crab – very appropriate after our catch of over 20 of them there yesterday. Stansbury also had some street art and this next photo is just one example.

Street Art in Stansbury

As we drove south we passed the little village of Coobowie where I expected to find a huge painted water tower. It was visible on the horizon as we approached but all I could find was …

Coobowie Tank Art.

But as we drove into Edithburgh there it was!

Edithburgh Water Tower
Clever artists

This water tower was visible on the horizon for over 5 kms!

Our last water tower find was at Yorketown, depicting the grain growing in the area.


We only had a day to explore so it was a cursory look covering about 230kms. What it did was wet our appetite to see more!

The Yorke Peninsular has so much to see – as does all of South Australia – so a return visit is planned when we have weeks up our sleeve, not just a few days.

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