It’s Beginning To Look …

… a lot like Christmas! Everywhere you go in Melbourne the Christmas spirit is alive and well. It’s a long time since I have been in a big city but this trip into town was well worth while. The atmosphere was buzzing.

The floral display outside the town hall was done in all the right Christmas colours and topped off with oversized statues of the Little Drummer Boy and giant wreaths.

Melbourne Town Hall

The piece de résistance for me though was the singing reindeers … so much fun! The crowd really enjoyed these 😊

After eating our way though a Yum Cha lunch in Chinatown we were off to see the famous Myers window. Well, that was a disappointment! My childhood memories of these magical scenes will have to remain just that – memories! There were queues forever and security personnel to make sure no one pushed in. From the back of the pavement we could make out the theme for each window, which was the celebration of 100 years of Disney, but unfortunately couldn’t see any of the stunning animations that the Myer windows are famous for. Oh well, let’s wander the arcades instead.

Collins Street, Melbourne
Cathedral Arcade, Melbourne
Cathedral Arcade
Block Arcade Melbourne

We stopped and had a coffee in one of the busy little laneways in Melbourne. Here’s my friend Kristina & I plotting our next move – two white- haired little old ladies at the table 😂😂😂

And of course I had to let Dave experience my younger years when we used to meet friends and lovers ‘under the clocks’ of Flinders St Station.

Flinders St Station

Dave was also introduced to the famous Cloe at Young & Jackson’s Hotel where she now graces her own bar.

By the time we returned to Kristina’s place, where we were staying, we were ready to kick off our shoes 👟 and put our feet up.

Today was a trip down memory lane, as I grew up in Melbourne. It was lovely to revisit it with Krissi and introduce it to Dave. Melbourne was alive! By the end of the day traipsing around the city I wished I felt as alive as Melbourne 😂😂😂

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