Split Point Lighthouse & Eagle Rock

As we wandered along the Great Ocean Road we detoured to any interesting signs we saw and one such detour took us to Split Point Lighthouse and Eagle Rock at Aireys Inlet.

Drizzling rain on the walk to the lighthouse ☔️
Eagle Rock from the base of the lighthouse
Lighthouse from viewing platform

The information board along the walkway to view Eagle Rock showed the original working drawings for the lighthouse. It is open to the public and you can climb the winding staircase to the top balcony and get a 360° view of the surrounding area – that’s if you can still breathe after the climb 😂

Look how different Eagle Rock looks from this angle. And look at that stormy sky … I think there’s more rain on the way! 🌧

Eagle Rock from the walkway.

The weather didn’t dampen our spirits and the countryside we drove through today was beautiful. The hills really do roll down to the sea.

Leaving Johanna Beach campground

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