We’ve Had Enough!

Rain, rain, devastating rain! Australia has recently experienced massive rain events that have flooded some areas two and three times within the past year. No one could predict the extent of the damage caused by the incessant rain. But perhaps nature has a way of knowing and has predictors we should take notice of.

In the Kimberley region of Western Australia, the Fitzroy River is expected to flow up to 50 kilometres wide and the volume of water surging down that river each day is equivalent to how much that state’s capitol city of Perth would use in 20 years. The statistics are mind boggling!

When travelling through that area in July 2022 I did a cruise on Geike Gorge near Fitzroy Crossing. Our guide told us then they were expecting significant rainfall because the martins, a small bird like a swallow, were building their cliff side homes much higher above previous flood levels.

Flood waters at Fitzroy Crossing
Roads washed away
La Nina’s dumped her load on us
Destroying roads and homes and lives
Rivers now spread wide across the land
Collecting cattle, trees, debris
As they surge towards the sea.

We’ve had enough!
These ‘rain events’ have put us to the test
Although our strength and our resilience brought out the best
While homes and roads and lives were washed away

No more!
It’s time for sun to shine and waters to recede
A sunshine day to lift our spirits and our mood
And after all this heartbreak devastation
Look for the good

PS. I am participating in #bloganuary A WordPress challenge to blog daily responding to a prompt. Today’s prompt was the word Rain.

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