Why do I write?

My blog is my travel diary … my journal of places I’ve been, people I’ve met and experiences I’ve had.

I enjoy recording these things for my own reference but it also keeps me in touch with friends and family and let’s them know what I’ve been up to and more importantly, where I am. My nomadic lifestyle means I am constantly on the move and even I find it hard to keep track of where I’ve been and when!

My inquiring mind enjoys researching interesting or quirky things I come across that I can incorporate into my writing so the whole thing becomes a learning experience for me too. This old trestle bridge is an example of a detour I recently made that piqued my interest.

There is often an information board at these historical attractions that provides details and stories about them … but if not, Google becomes my best friend 😊

And the bonus for me is connecting with other bloggers around the world who stumble across my blog.

Note: I am participating in #bloganuary, a WordPress challenge to blog every day in January. Today’s writing prompt was Why do you write?

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