Tall Timbers & Tourist Attractions

The last couple of nights we have camped at the Bodalla State Forest Rest Area, a well laid out roadside stop tucked away off the highway north of Bega.

Tiny little wrens were tweeting away, magpies were carolling and there was a koel off in the distance calling his storm warning, which I’m glad to say didn’t eventuate. The sounds of the bush are truly beautiful.

We took the short walk to the lake but we were disappointed that it looked very murky and overgrown, however the walk itself through the tall trees was very pleasant.

The path to the lake.
The muddy lake

This morning we left to make our way further north but not without visiting the Bodalla Cheese Factory on the way. We missed the bottle feeding of the calves but you couldn’t miss the the clever metal cows dotted around the building.

I’m not sure what this fireplace is used for but I think I’ll have to try and paint it one day – I love everything about it – the colours, the flowers and pots and the old wagon wheel. I just need to stop somewhere long enough now to get the paints out. 🎨

We’re now safely parked up for a couple of days on a private property near Nowra. Perhaps I’ll get the paints out after all!

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