A Modern Michelangelo?

St Mary’s church in Bairnsdale is next door to the Information Centre so you don’t have to walk far to see a major Bairnsdale tourist attraction.

As soon as you enter through the imposing timber doors you see why it’s so highly recommended.

Awe inspiring

All this amazing artwork was done by an Italian painter, Francesco Floreani, who migrated to Australia in 1927. He was picking peas at nearby Metung when he met the parish priest from Bairnsdale and asked if there was any work available for him. He started by painting the statues before commencing work on the walls and ceiling, a task done on 15 metre high scaffolding often lying on his back as Michelangelo did.

The detail in his work shows in the 300 cherubim and seraphim across the ceiling, each with a different face.

Ornate altar

St Mary’s is imposing both outside and in with its tall spire dominating the street scape.

Whether you go to St Mary’s to worship or merely to view the amazing artwork I’m sure you will leave inspired.

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