A Minor Irritation

The prompt for today’s #bloganuary is
“What irritates you about the home you live in?”

I guess not too many people will relate to my ‘home’ as it’s a 5 metre long campervan that I have to pop the roof up on if I want to stand upright!

My home.

I have lived in Brutus – that’s his name – since 2013, when I retired from work at the age of 67 and began my nomadic lifestyle. So that’s the background to my home, and now my next comments might make more sense to you.

What irritates me most? Space – or rather lack of it! My only seating is my bed and I would just love to be able to sit at a table inside my van if it’s cold, wet or windy outside.

Oh, I could think of a million little things that irritate me – I have to go outside even when it’s raining to pop my roof up, the dust comes in through every little gap and finds its way into every nook and cranny, I don’t have a shower so have to wash daily in a bucket of water …

… you know, I’m wracking my brain trying to think of irritating things but my thoughts keep going to what I love ❤️

I love the freedom, the places I’ve been and yet to see, the people I’ve met and yet to meet, the experiences, the fresh air and sunshine … and you know, when it rains I can just pack up go somewhere else!

So sure, there’s things that irritate me about where I live but I wouldn’t swap the lifestyle it gives me for the sake of a table! All in all, I’m a Happy Camper 🚐😊

2 thoughts on “A Minor Irritation

  1. Power on Rosemary…. I remember Brutus in SP before you became seriously mobile. I used to have space and became a collector of everything and the clutter irritates me.! So much so, the most space I can find is on my bed!!!
    Live well and love your life. It is keeping you healthy! Cheers, Sylvia


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