I’ve Been Blogging For Ten Years!

I received an anniversary reminder from WordPress the other day. I’ve been Blogging for Ten Years! To celebrate I’m sharing with you my very first blog. I wrote it about travelling from Tasmania to the Gold Coast in Queensland after buying my campervan, Brutus the Beast.

Brutus the Beast

Brutus is still going strong, although he’s been having a rest for the last 12 months while I have been travelling in style in a Mercedes Sprinter loaned to me by a wonderful friend, Ros. It has certainly made my 25000 + kilometre journey around Australia very comfortable and worry free.

Travelling in style in the Merc!

When we plug Brutus’ life support system back in – that is, connect him back to the battery- he may not even know that he’s been out of it for 12 months and he will be happy to see me.

Anyhow, the link below tells you about our first adventure together 🚐🚐. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed the journey.

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