Feeling Spoiled 😊

My travelling buddy Dave surprised me today with a waterfront campsite at Nambucca Heads, New South Wales. In all my travels over the last 10 years this is one place I just love to drive in to and if I had to settle anywhere perhaps Nambucca Heads could be the place.

Margarita before dinner 🍸
Mosaics in the main street
Mosaic ‘waves‘

There’s a tradition here of painting messages on the rock wall and you can walk along the adjoining path and read words left by lovers, families, international visitors and more. Some are hastily scrawled and others works of art but all make your imagination run wild with background stories…

The V Wall

What a beautiful view across the lake!

Sunset over the lake from our campsite.

And just as beautiful the next morning.

Our morning view

Ah well, time to go! But … 🎶I do love to be beside the seaside … 🎶

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