Lining Up For Lions

I’m participating in The Longest Line of RV’s Guiness Book of Records Challenge, organised by the Australian Motorhoming Lions Club.

Brochure for AMLC Longest Line Challenge

It’s a massive organisational challenge also. Over 900 RV’s have arrived in the small Western Queensland town of Barcaldine (bar-call-din) and been parked at the Showgrounds awaiting the formation of The Longest Line on Sunday.

Mind you, it was almost like a rehearsal for the main event as we lined up to enter the Showgrounds today.

Lining up for entry to The Longest Line Challenge

This line you can see is 3 vehicles wide. The photo above is looking ahead of my little van, Brutus the Beast, and below is looking behind

Lining up for entry to The Longest Line Challenge

I am camped on the football field and couldn’t be happier with my location – lovely green grass underfoot makes a change from dry, dusty earth.

Camping for The Longest Line Challenge

And here we all are enjoying Happy Hour with a couple of friends 😂

Happy Hour at The Longest Line Challenge

What a spectacular way to end the day!