The Party’s Over

I have spent the last two weeks at a Motorhome rally for a group of Solo Travellers I belong to.

Photo by member Susan Gregory

It’s been a lot of crazy fun and a great opportunity to catch up with friends I might only see at our twice yearly get together.

Jan at our Crazy Hat night
And the winner is … Margaret

At the dinner dance the theme was to dress as something starting with ‘M’.

We had milk maids…
And midnight 🕛…[[
Mexicans and the Mad Hatter ….
Lots of Minnie Mouses and one lone Mickey

Why ‘M’? We’ve been in Mudgee NSW.

Our next rally is in May 2019 at Blackall in Western Queensland.

I’m so looking forward to meeting up with my mad mates again.

In case you’re wondering, I’m a match !!